is actively involved in all aspects of Subsea Operations including all forms of Commercial Diving. We operate on a 24 hour call-out basis.

Oil & Gas - Diving Operations

• General Visual Inspections (GVI)
• Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
• All manner of Underwater Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
• High Definition Video and Photographic Survey
• Cathodic Protection Potential Survey
• Structural Damage Assesment
• Riser Installation and Inspection
• Riser Support Clamp Installation, Inspection and Maintenance
• Platform Installation
• Subsea tie-in Installation and Inspection
• SBM Installation
• Submarine Pipeline and Platform Inspection
• Pipeline Freespan Rectification
• Cross-over Installation and Maintenance
• Selected Anode Inspection
• Structural & Seabed Survey - Platform Proximity and Exposed Pile Checks
• Conductor and Conductor Guide Frame Inspections
• Waterjet Cleaning of structure and associated appurtenances
• Grit Blast Weld Cleaning to SA2.5
• Caisson, Sump and Intake Survey
• Flooded Member Detection
• Silt and Scour Survey
• Marine Growth Survey
• Coating Inspection
• MODU, Jack-up and Semi-Submersible Classification Surveys
• Pipelay Support
• Refinery Cooling Water Intake Cleaning and Inspection
• Technical Reporting
• Etc.

Shipping & Maritime - Diving Operations

• General Visual Inspections (GVI)
• Tanker Aperture and Discharge Blanking
• High Definition Video and Photographic Survey
• Cathodic Protection Potential Survey
• Vessel Impact Damage Survey
• Propeller Clearance, Cleaning and Polishing
• Vessel Hull Cleaning
• Vessel Salvage Surveys and Vessel Recoveries
• Vessel Condition Surveys
• Pre-purchase Underwater Inspections
• Anode Removal / Replacement
• In-water Surveys on vessels of all sizes for ABS, LLOYDS, DNV, BV & NKK
• Etc.

Civil Engineering - Diving Operations

• Jetty Construction
• Jetty, Wharf, Harbour Inspection and Repairs
• Reclamation Works
• Seawall Works
• Cable Laying and Protection
• Intakes and Outfalls for Various Industries
• Seabed Surveys
• Cathodic Protection Systems
• Bridge Inspections
• Dam Works
• Etc.


Borneo Subsea Services are ready to meet your Commercial Diving, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) needs at highly competitive rates out of Labuan, F.T. Malaysia.