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Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

is actively involved in all aspects of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance utilising both commercial Divers and Remotely Operated Vehicles.

Subsea Inspection

Borneo Subsea Services are fully committed to ensuring that we provide our Clients with only the highest quality inspection services.  All of our inspections are performed by highly qualified personnel and we strive to utilise the most up to date technology available during our inspection operations.

Inspection Reporting

A detailed professional report, with high definition video and/or digital photography, is produced and submitted to our Clients for every survey or inspection that we conduct.  Specific results, findings, conclusions, anomalies and recommendations are recorded and analysed before the data is printed in hard copy.  A digital folder is uploaded, in finalised electronic form to the Clients secure account within our ‘web based’ interactive document management system.  This digital folder remains in electronic archive indefinitely and at their convenience, our Clients may access their data at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Surveys can also be performed to the Client’s own specifications, and where required reported in the client’s own pro-forma survey report format. 


Borneo Subsea Services provide our esteemed Clients with an array of Subsea Repair Services.  All Subsea Repair works are are performed by highly qualified personnel.

• General Visual Inspection (GVI)
• High Definition Video and Photographic Survey
• Vessel Impact Damage Survey
• Vessel Condition Surveys
• Pre-purchase Underwater Inspections
• Etc.

Civil Engineering - IRM

• Jetty, Wharf, Harbour Inspection
• Seawall Survey
• Intakes and Outfalls Survey
• Seabed Surveys
• Bridge Inspections
• Dam Inspection
• Etc.

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02 December 2012

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